Why make your own sausages?

The biggest reason to make your own sausages is knowing exactly what the ingredients are within, where the meat has come from and being able to make sausages to suit special diets i.e. gluten free, lactose free etc.

Sausages are one of the most popular foods in Britain with over 266,500 tonnes being consumed every year. However there is always the worry about what goes into the sausage. Making your own is a way of controlling this. Perhaps you have a special diet such as gluten free, low fat or have allergies to certain ingredients? Regardless, sausages can be tailor-made to your own needs and tastes. Buying free range organic meat from a farmer’s market or butcher ensures that you have a good quality sausage.

When using sausage mixes always check that there are no artificial colourants, artificial shelf life enhancers, phosphates or Mono Sodium Glutamate (a flavour enhancer) in the ingredients to achieve a lovely, juicy natural sausage.  These ingredients are only needed in mass manufacturing because they need a long shelf life.  They can also have ingredients like phosphates,We have the advantage of just popping them in the freezer to achieve the same results – but with less “nasties”.  Remember, not all “E” numbers are harmful. As a general guide, avoid any “E” numbers that are classed as artificial colourings or artificial flavourings.

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