What meat can I use for making sausages?

Homemade Sausage & Mash

Homemade Sausage & Mash


This has to be my favourite subject!

We tend to only think of sausages only using Pork.  You will of course have come across Venison and Beef sausages as a speciality but what about Chicken, Turkey, Patridge, Duck & Fish!  Yes I said Fish!

I was once set a challenge to make a 3 course meal of only Sausages.  Well, I love a challenge, so off I trundled into my kitchen to experiment – and it went like this……

Starter – Lobster sausages with Thermidor Sauce on a bed of sweet potato spaghetti

Main – Beef & Ale sausages on Celeriac Mash drenched in Roast Onion & Black Currant Gravy

Dessert – Chocolate sausages served with Baileys Ice Cream

How on earth did she do that I hear you ask?  Now that would be telling.  Wink and Smile

The moral of the tale is – we are only limited by our imagination.

The standard pork sausage in the UK is made with a mix of Pork Shoulder and Pork Belly.  The average pork shoulder meat consists of 15% fat and pork belly averages at 30%.  This is a good guide when buying your own meat on how to gauge what fat content you would like in your sausage.  Not meat related, but interesting to know, is sausages tend to have around 60% water content.  Legally a sausage has to be 30% meat and pork sausage has to have 42% pork.  It is also important to mention that “fat” is classed as meat too.  We tend to work with recipes with at least (if not more) 85% meat.

So on that note, I think it’s time to get creating!


We have started a recipe section on here which we will be adding to, so feel free to go and get some inspiration.



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