A big warm welcome from us on our new site (previously known as “Ask Bertie Banger”) on sausagemaking.co.uk.

We have given our site a new fresh look that we’ll be updating on a more regular basis, giving information about sausage making and sharing our highs and lows, recipes, “behind the scenes” peeks and advice.  We hope you enjoy it.

sausage making our story

As this is our first blog on our new site, we thought we would start off by giving you a little background on who we are and what we are all about.

It all began in 1998.  We supplied Herbs, Spices, Seasonings and Cures to large meat and cheese manufacturers as well as butchers.  This meant we were involved in the whole “field to fork” process and were fully aware and experienced in all the processes.

Then my two lovely boys came along and as most Moms do, I started to analyse the ingredients and contents of food.  This was mainly because they both suffered with ailments.  As a baby Gareth had chronic eczema (most days he was covered in blood from his constant scratching) and Clem – who’s Asthma created many visits weekly to the local doctors to relieve his symptoms with the nebuliser.

sausage making kids

Gareth & Clem

Added to this, as many a parent would know, pleasing the likes and dislikes of a family can be quite a job!  Gareth only liked orange vegetables (yes, I know, it’s amazing they even liked veg!) and Clem only liked green vegetables (well liked is probably an exaggeration).  Chef Ramsay and I had a lot in common at this point!  I had to remind myself this wasn’t a restaurant I was running – it was dinner.

I was not going to be beaten!  So this is where the home sausage making saga began…….I know, I’ll cook orange and green vegetables together, blitz them, and put them in a sausage!  Ha!  Mom wins!  After all, there are not many children who don’t like sausages.

So whilst the cogs in my brain began a frantic whirl, I thought – you can make your own bread, make your own ice cream and make your own yoghurt!  Why is it so difficult to make sausages at home? Ta daaaa – Designa Sausage was born!

I spent months researching machines to make sausages at home.  We already supplied casings and sausage mixes but I wanted this to be different.  In my kitchen at home I started blending new natural sausage making mixes without the colourants and shelf life enhancers –  taking sausage making back to it’s roots.  Friends and family became my faithful sausage guinea pigs.  Sausage tasting parties and bbq’s became a regular past time.  I was waiting for them say “ugh, another one?” but surprisingly they were always willing.  Thank you to all of you for being so wonderful!  They say you are what you eat – so if you see some sausage shaped people walking about town you’ll know where they’ve been!

Sausage Making Hen party

Sausage Making Hen Party

As Designa Sausage grew, customers were asking if we would consider doing sausage making at their Birthday and Hen parties.  What a great idea of mine *cough* theirs.  This was a little daunting as I wasn’t sure what their expectations would be.

So I set about planning and testing (on my wonderful guinea pigs again) until I felt the format was right.  Today we run these quarterly focusing on making it fun, informative and educational.

Sausage Making Experience

Sausage Making Experience

This naturally led on to a demand for giving Sausage Making Kits as gifts.  This was a whole new ball game!  Moving from wholesale to retail ready.  Many meetings, trials and errors, foodie festivals and photographs later we launched our gift website in 2015 Spicely does it.  The thought that we could give everyone the means to make speciality food at home, fuss free was so exciting for us.  After all, when you have a passion and you can share it with the world, who wouldn’t get a little giddy.

Chorizo Sausage Making Kit

Chorizo Sausage Making Kit

Well there’s so much more to say and share, but for now I think it’s time to put the kettle on.  See you on the other side…..☕

Gaynor 🙂