Electric vs Manual Sausage Making Machines

Firstly, it is important to mention that most Meat Mincers can be used as sausage filling machines.  All that is needed is a set of sausage filling nozzles/tubes to fit your machine.

There is a real misconception regarding whether to purchase an Electric or Manual Machine.

Manual Meat Mincers / Sausage Filling Machines

The manual sausage making machines come in standard Sizes – from size 5 to a size 32 for Bench or Clamp models and can be made from Stainless Steel or Cast Iron.

The stainless steel models are more expensive but are easier to maintain.  The Cast Iron models with care can last for several lifetimes but they do not like damp (or dishwashers) and once washed in hot soapy water need to be dried straight away and the joints need to be oiled (any vegetable oil is fine).

The bigger the machine the more meat can be minced or filled at a time. Manual sausage making machines are easier to operate with two people – one to turn the handle and one to put in the meat and control the filling of the casings.  Makes for a romantic night in I guess!
Electric sausage making machines are easier to use but are generally more expensive. They save the “arm ache” of turning the handle.  The only problem with these (and these would include the likes of the KitchenAid attachments) is because they are “automatic” they do have a tendency to over process the meat – making is pasty and mushy, which in turn makes it harder to push through the machine.

There is a third option, the table top, suction base hardened plastic machines.  Now you wouldn’t think so, but after 16 years of trialing and testing almost every machine under the son – this is my favourite.  Why? Because they are easier to clean and more compact (saving on cupboard space).  The added bonus being that the removable parts tend to be dishwasher safe (please check care instructions first).

Mincer plates (the circular discs with holes in) can be purchased in varying sizes ranging from 3mm holes to 10mm holes – the larger the holes, the coarser the minced meat will be. These plates can be purchased for both manual and electric sausage making machines but they can vary in design sometimes making them less universal.

Sausage filler attachments (also know as tubes or nozzles) can also be bought to fit most sausage making machines.  If you need help with sourcing the correct size – just give us a shout at hello@spicetech.co.uk or 01663 308120.

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