Can I smoke sausages?

Can I smoke sausages?

Can I smoke sausages?

There are 2 ways to smoke sausages.

  1.  Hot Smoking
  2.  Cold Smoking

Hot smoking is used to cook and impart a smoke flavour into sausages.  BBQ’ing technically is a hot smoking method.  The best results achieved for this method are with either a Kettle BBQ, Grill & Smoker BBQ or a specially designed Smoker unit.  The similarities are they all have a lid or are enclosed.  The lid/enclosure is key to imparting maximum smoke flavour into your food.  Because a direct, or almost direct, heat is generated under the sausages – the heat cooks the food and as the coals or wood burn they impart smoke and infuse your delights with smokiness.

Both indoor and outdoor hot smokers are available but we would recommend having a well ventilated area when using specially designed indoor smokers.

Cold smoking is also used to add a natural smoke flavour but the heat source is well away from the food.  You will tend to find a pipe connecting the heat source to the food area – this allows the smoke to cool before reaching your food.  A more traditional method is to have a smoking room or hut.  Here the wood chips are placed on the floor and slowly heated to just get the smouldering – thus creating smoke.  The food is hung from a height so that as the smoke rises, it has the chance to cool down.  The two main reasons for using this method is to add smoke flavour and to cure.  e.g. smoked cheese, smoked salmon, smoked pate …….  So the meat or fish would first have to be cured with a brine (or dry cure) before cold smoking.

Nowadays the selection of specially designed food smoking woods come in an array of flavours – which is ever increasing as our love for bbq’s and smoked food increases.


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