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Our blog covers numerous aspects of sausage making - some of the most popular sections are highlighted below:

Sausage Making Process

These articles cover the process of sausage making, including the equipment required and how to go about making sausages.

Frequently Asked Questions

These articles cover some of the most frequently asked questions about sausages and sausage making.

Cooking Sausages

Here we look at some of the best ways to cook sausages - including smoking, as well as some advice for other cooking methods. is designed to be a one stop shop for sausage making enthusiasts – whether you have been making your own sausages for years, whether you have only recently started or even if you are only just beginning to think about having a go at making your own sausages!

All content on the website is free of charge and we hope you find it useful!

The website is supported by Spicely Does It and Design A Sausage, two UK-based brands supplying a range of sausage orientated supplies, ingredients, gifts and starter packs.

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Design a Sausage

Provides a range of sausage making equipment, including mincer, filling machines, smokers and presses, as well as numerous sausage making experience throughout the year, taking place in a picturesque Derbyshire pub!

Spicely Does It

Providing a great array of sausage mix flavours for you to experiment with, as well as a range of gifts packs (including Lincolnshire, Cumberland, Bacon and Chorizo!) as well as standalone ingredients such as sausage casings and unique spiece mixes!

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